Why You Need A New Ford Battery

You can typically expect your Ford battery to last five years or so once it’s fitted. These batteries are durable, but they’re not entirely invincible. So how do you know if it’s time to buy a new battery?

If you’re only making short or infrequent runs in your car, your existing battery might not get sufficient time to reach full charge between trips. This makes your battery less efficient, so make sure that you buy a new Ford battery, and aim to take your car for a drive – at least 30 minutes or so regularly. Another possibility is that you aren’t turning lights and other electrics off when the car is parked up. These accessories can drain your battery, so check the radio, dashcam, and interior lights are all off when you leave your vehicle. If the battery’s beyond saving, you should look for an online battery seller that offers longer-lasting Ford batteries.

Lastly, you might’ve unfortunately bought a battery with a manufacturing fault. If it’s still within warranty, ask your seller about getting a free replacement. If not, make sure you buy a new Ford battery with a longer warranty.

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